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Nataša Todorović

was born on March 01, 1980. She lives and works in Belgrade

She was attracted to art from an early age. She never gave up on art, painting and drawing since she was a child. She continued to paint in the high school and she was very active in extracurricular activities and participated in different painting projects. After graduating from high school, she started her career in economics. She never stopped painting and she continued to paint and has cultivated her talents while being dedicated to her family and job.

The past several months has been the most fruitful period of her work and they marked her return to painting with great enthusiasm. Although she emphasizes that she paints for her own pleasure, her works deserve to go public and become a part of both virtual exhibitions and presentations and come into galleries and homes of all art-lovers.

About paintings

Nataša primarily paints portraits, women with fantasy elements, nature and animals. She also shows her inclination towards modernist technique, where figure and background have equal importance. She likes to experiment with the background and her paintings often have uneven surfaces giving the relief-like impression. Her colors are bright and accentuated.

Nataša dreams and brings her dreams to life through her paintings, making her authentic art. She loves to paint the nature and she finds inspiration in the beauty of the nature: trees, woods, sky, mountains are often captured on her canvas. She enjoys creating large-format works and she shows to be capable of making them. Last but certainly not least, are her abstract paintings inspired by her rich imagination. Her favourite painting techniques are acrylic, aquarrel, oil on canavs, collage, but she is still seeking new painting techniques and she likes to experiment with them. Emotions and energy that she easily transfers to the paintings distinguish her from others.

Led by love – the greatest source of artistic inspiration, she shares her feelengs with spectators and opens the door to her dreams letting them dream with her.

Written by
Prof Sofija Žmirić